Experts in Battery Power
for Demanding Applications

Welcome to Battery Sciences!

BSI are consultants in batteries including, materials, design, manufacturing, testing, failure analysis, economics, and intellectual property.

We have the expertise and experience for immediate impact moving your project forward from inception or solving problems as they arise, economically, and with the best solution for engineering, manufacturing, performance, and safety, maximizing your return.

Our application engineering expertise brings you through the design process to power your system, no matter the size. We help you select the right battery and help you qualify suppliers through testing and evaluation and reliability analysis.

We have expertise and experience in product development, engineering, and manufacturing of portable power systems for consumer, medical, industrial, and grid applications.

We can assist in facilities development for manufacturing or testing.

BSI has experience in providing expert advice for investment teams: performing market viability and technical due diligence for emerging technologies and evaluation of existing technologies and facilities.

Expert witness services: we have experience performing testimony in litigation actions for intellectual property, product liability, and other battery-related matters.